Airborne Directional Tracking Antenna

SkyLink HD is a high-performance, three-axis steerable antenna system optimized for high-definition video and other high-performance transmission applications. Multi-path signal interference has a significant impact on the performance of air-to-ground high-definition video transmissions. The embedded Inertial Navigation System (INS), heading sensor, and three-axis steering on Troll’s SkyLink HD precisely point the SkyLink HD antenna to receive sites even when the aircraft pitches and rolls.

This enables the SkyLink HD to take into account the altitude of the receiving site, ensuring that the system always maintains the correct elevation angle. This feature significantly reduces the multipath caused by ground reflections when the aircraft banks.

  • High-definition airborne antenna system
  • Azimuth and elevation steering
  • Embedded INS
  • High gain, low multipath pattern
  • Multiple transmit and receive options
  • Multi-band options